What Fills The Void?

Julian Huxley, the famous biologist, and his brother Aldous Huxley, the famous novelist, were both deeply interested in the relation between science and religion. Like many other thinkers of the twentieth century (such as Tawney, Vidler, Needham, T. S. Eliot), they predicted the emergence of a flood of pseudo-religions.

“As they watched the influence of traditional religion declining in the world around them, they both agreed that the void left by religion in the modern psyche would not remain empty for long; ideologies of the Left and Right, cults of nature, aesthetics, youth, or ethnic identity would rush in to fill the emptiness”:

R. S. Deese, We Are Amphibians (2015), p.90.

Julian even invented his own secular religion that he called “Religion Without Revelation”. Needless to say it never caught on.


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