War Hostile to Wisdom and Love

Evelyn Underhill (as a member of the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship) heroically resisted the war spirit as Britain entered the apocalyptic WW2.  She called on Christians to follow Jesus and embrace peace. If the church remained true to its supernatural call, she said, it could not acquiesce in war: “For war, however camouflaged or excused, must always mean the effort of one group to achieve their purpose – get something which they want, or prevent something happening which they do not want – by inflicting destruction and death on another group. When we trace war to its origin, that origin is always either mortal sin – Pride, Anger, Envy, Greed – or else that spirit of self-regarding Fear, which is worse infidelity to God than any mortal sin. The Christian cannot serve these masters, even though they are wearing national dress”.

[“The Church and War”, 1940]

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