The Limitations of Science

“A great many of our difficulties in the past have arisen because we have thought in accordance with the habit of mind of science to the exclusion of that which is induced by art. Religion is something that binds art, as meaning the outward expression of what is spiritually and emotionally vital, with science, as the impulse to ascertain the truth. Both are there, and we must allow quite as much for all those apprehensions which come to us through the world of art as for those which come through the world of science”.

This interesting historical comment was made by William Temple, later Archbishop of Canterbury, in 1927.

What do you think?

1 thought on “The Limitations of Science

  1. Most people don’t think in terms of science or are particularly rational anyway – humans mostly apply motivated reasoning, and intuition, with many biases – to think rationally or scientifically is done by the minority, research indicates – so he appears to have the premise the wrong way around – I agree with him that both are necessary (art and science).

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