Our Troubles with Sleep

Gabrielle Bryden has written informatively about her experiences with bringing up her autistic child Michael. She deals with various themes and her study gives a uniquely Australian perspective. On the theme of sleeping problems with young autistic children see her entry on her blog gabriellebryden.wordpress.com.

(Gabrielle is my daughter).

4 thoughts on “Our Troubles with Sleep

  1. G’day Paul
    Thanks for the Post.
    Gabrielle was my neighbor when she lived in Woodgate.
    I am a retired Science and Biology Teacher and with a long standing interest in Darwin, Evolution and how science in general is perceived. Currently I am re-reading Daniel Dennett’s book “Darwin Dangerous Idea”. [I bought and read it in 1999]. Your books on Social Darwinism have triggered an urge to read them once I finish Dennett’s book and W H McNeill’s “Plagues and People” [I have already read his “Rise of the West”]

    Best regards

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