Middleton Murry

I thought I would post a few thoughts from John Middleton Murry (1889-1957). He was a writer and literary critic, who (for better or worse) is probably best known as the husband of New Zealand born writer Katherine Mansfield and controversial curator of her papers after her death in 1923. Murry wrote on a variety of religious, political and social issues.
As Alec Vidler said of him: “he was one of that numerous and uncoordinated class that finds it impossible honestly to accept the official claims made by the Christian Church and for Christian dogma, but nonetheless retains… the conviction that in the spiritual experience of Jesus and in the spiritual movement that stems from him there lies the clue to what human history and human experience ought to be”.
[quoted from John Middleton Murry, Not As The Scribes: Lay Sermons (London, 1959), p.8].
More from Murry himself soon.

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