Are “The New Atheists” theologically infantile?

The American Orthodox philosopher and theologian David Bentley Hart certainly thinks so: “It probably says more than it is comfortable to know about the relative vapidity of our culture that we have lost the capacity to produce profound unbelief. The best that we can now hope for are arguments pursued at only the most vulgar of intellectual levels, couched in an infantile and carpingly pompous tone, and lacking all but the meagerest traces of historical erudition or syllogistic rigor”. He attacks people such as Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens; and says of Richard Dawkins that he triumphantly adduces “philosophical” arguments “that a college freshman midway through his first logic course could dismantle in a trice”.

Sensationalism, of course sells better than sense: “One still has to wonder…at their thoughtless complacency: the doctrinaire materialism – which is, after all, a metaphysical theory of reality that is almost certainly logically impossible – and the equally doctrinaire secularism – which is, as even the least attentive among us might have noticed, a classical tradition so steeped in human blood that it can hardly be said to have proved its ethical superiority”[Atheist Delusions, pp.220-221].

See also his The Experience of God [20130.

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