Dawkins’s Debunkers

In a recent article Andrew Seddons examines works that have “debunked” Richard Dawkins’s arguments in books such as The God Delusion. To give a few examples, Thomas Crean finds Dawkins’s ideas of the origin of religion to be “lame”; Dawkins misrepresents the Bible, ethics and Catholic doctrine; Jesus did not preach only for an “in-group”, nor does Dawkins understand original sin, the Atonement, or the relation between faith and reason [see Crean’s God Is No Delusion].

The Oxford professor of historical theology Alister McGrath contends that The God Delusion “is often little more than an aggregation of convenient factoids suitably overstated to achieve maximum impact and loosely arranged to suggest that they constitute an argument”. The Protestant writer Vox Day counters common atheist criticisms of Christian historical abuses, which of course occurred but have been put out of perspective: “Do you want to know how many people died in the Spanish Inquisition…? Fewer than the state of Texas executes every year. How many people died under atheist regimes (a topic that atheists try to sweep under the rug)? About 150 million. How many wars in history were religious wars (since the atheists claim that religion is a major cause of war)? About 7 percent of history’s approximately 1800 significant conflicts. And so on from Socrates to the European Union”.

Just google Seddons’s “Dawkins’ Debunkers” (in Catholic Answers Magazine).

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