Who Was Hilaire Belloc?

Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953) was something of a Renaissance Man, good at so many things, from writing books, journalism, poetry and children’s book to sketching, sailing and traipsing across continents on foot. He was a great hero to Catholics and hated by many Protestants and secularists (Bernard Shaw was always lampooning him, and, as ever, Hilaire thundered back). In this short essay, Paul looks at Belloc’s life and his book on the crisis of civilization. Hilaire Belloc (click on this).

1 thought on “Who Was Hilaire Belloc?

  1. Hi Paul, I seem to remember that Belloc had said that the modern infidels could not think. By way of contrast, the older infidels like Luther and Calvin, he claimed, could think like the Devil, who (in his opinion) inspired them.

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