Am I an atom of the planet?

Is dividing one’s body from the rest of the world realistic? As Deepak Chopra says: “Is the air in my lungs part of my body? If so, what about the air I’m about to inhale or the air I just exhaled? The world ‘out there’ is composed of trillions of atoms that either once were or soon will be me, and the whole packet of matter and energy we call Earth is necessary to keep me alive. I could as easily say that I am just a cell in this larger body, and since I need the whole planet to sustain myself, everything on Earth is part of my body” [Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, pp.306-7].

A Mystical Experience

The famous pundit Malcom Muggeridge reported in his diary having a number of mystical experiences: “The first intimation is quite simply that time stops…Then all creation is seen in its oneness; with each part of it, from the tiniest insect or blade of grass, to the vastnesses of space, with the stars and comets riding through them, visibly related to every other part. One sublime harmony, with no place for the discordances of hatred and the ego’s shrill demands; the death of death, since each note in the harmony exists harmoniously for ever”: Chronicles of Wasted Time (1973), vol 2, p.68.