Caliban in Grub Street: Ronald Knox

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In his book with the above title (1930) the Catholic theologian and popular writer Ronald Knox makes a scathingly satirical and clinically logical dissection of the misconceptions and errors of a number of literary figures and intellectuals of the 1920s. They had been contributing to a series of “symposia” on religion that appeared in the popular press of the time (Grub Street as it was nicknamed).

The Exceedingly Odd Tree in the Quad

Here is a whimsical limerick by Ronald Knox:

There once was a man who said: “God

Must think it exceedingly odd

If he finds that this tree

Continues to be

When there’s no one about in the Quad”.

Dear Sir

Your astonishment’s odd

I am always about in the Quad;

And that’s why the tree

Will continue to be

Since observed by

Yours faithfully