Forster on “Racial Purity”

E. M. Forster wrote this at the height of Nazi Aryan race theory:

“Whether there ever was such an entity as a ‘pure race’ is debateable, but there certainly is not one in Europe today – the internationalism of the Roman Empire and of the Middle Ages have seen to that. Consequently there never can be a pure race in the future. Europe is mongrel for ever, and so is America”:

“Post-Munich” (1939) in Two Cheers for Democracy.

A Prophecy of World Catastrophe made in 1939

E. M. Forster described the 1930s as a decade when “thousands of people have been killed, robbed, mutilated, insulted, imprisoned… we know that these private miseries may be the prelude to an incalculable catastrophe, in which the whole of western civilization and half oriental may go down. Perhaps history will point to these years as the moment when man’s inventiveness finally outbalanced his moral growth, and toppled him downhill”

“Post-Munich”(1939) in Two Cheers for Democracy.