Mysticism and the Ineffable

“Mysticism stands for that type of religion in which there is an immediate apprehension of and communion with the ultimate reality, or God… in its purest form it involves anĀ  intense and vivid appreciation of the unseen world, and an absorption of the self into it. This carries with it a special form of consciousness in which the usual object-subject distinction is obliterated and all is resolved into a oneness. This self, thus identified with its object, is capable of a vast range of vision and can become acquainted with ineffable things”:

W. B. Selbie, The Psychology of Religion (1924), p. 245.

Highest Joy a Mortal Ever Feels

“There have been religious geniuses in all ages and in all countries who have had experiences of spiritual expansion. They have been made aware of a Realm of Reality on a higher level than that revealed through their senses. They have sometimes felt invaded by the inrush of larger Life: sometimes they have seemed to,push a door inward into a larger range of being with vastly heightened energy. The experience is … always one of joy and rapture: in fact it is probably the highest joy a mortal ever feels”:

Rufus Jones, Studies in Mystical Religion