Finalising My Book

Paul is finalising the proofs for his forthcoming book Intellectuals and the Decline of Religion: Essays and Reviews, to be published by Boolarong Press. It will discuss thinkers such as Newman, Maude Petre, Chesterton, Lionel Curtis, Middleton Murry, Priestley, Toynbee, Tawney, Muggeridge, Vidler, T. S. Eliot, C. S. Lewis and Joseph Needham.

Why I Kept the Faith: Maude Petre

Maude Petre Click here

Maude Petre explains why she stayed within the Catholic Church despite her continuing difficulties caused by her “Modernist heresies” (now regarded as legitimate calls for reform and implemented in Vatican II). See the final section of Paul’s revised essay on “Maude Petre: A Modernist Martyr” in his website

If The World Were A Terrestrial Paradise

“If the world were not full of sorrow and sin; if it were a terrestrial paradise… how could people’s hearts and minds have ever been knit together into one? Compassion, the divine thing about us, would have lain dormant in the depths of our heart like a pearl buried in the ocean; whereas now it shines even in the darkest and most seemingly God-forsaken souls”

(George Tyrrell, Nova et Vetera [The New and the Old]: Informal Meditations for Times of Spiritual Dryness, 1897).